VMware vCloud® Air

VMware vCloud® Air, built on VMware vSphere®, quickly and seamlessly extends your data center into the cloud using the tools and processes you already have.

What vCloud® Air Does


Take a low-risk first step and free up valuable on-premises data center capacity by separating pre-production in cloud and choosing to deploy on- or off-premises.

Packaged Applications

Use next application upgrade cycle of existing virtualized desktops and applications, e.g., Microsoft Exchange, and now host in hybrid cloud.

Disaster Recovery

Extend the data center for disaster recovery third-party backup, dev/test, seasonal workloads, and additional geo locations.

New Enterprise Applications

Build and host new applications in traditional 3-tier architectures (Java).

Next Generation Applications

Evolve from traditional to next generation applications (Spring, Ruby on Rails) and PaaS on Cloud Foundry.

Evalúe los productos de VMware

Pruebe de forma segura programas de software nuevos en máquinas virtuales aisladas en su PC gracias a las versiones de prueba gratuitas. Si no desea realizar instalaciones, los laboratorios prácticos le permitirán evaluar las funciones de los productos de VMware sin necesidad de instalar nada.